Geraldo Rivera opens up on feud with Tucker Carlson

By James Wilson July 17, 2023

Ex-Fox host, Geraldo Rivera, discusses his departure from Fox News, ideological disputes, and his disapproval of Tucker Carlson's post-election narrative.

Geraldo Rivera, former host of Fox News, recently appeared on ABC's 'The View', sharing insights on the intriguing and somewhat hostile dynamics at play during his time at Fox. Rivera, who clocked in nearly 22 years with the channel, credits his controversial departure to a tumultuous relationship with a male co-host on 'The Five.' Without offering a name, he left viewers speculating between Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. On-air disputes between Rivera and the latter have been widely reported.

On 'The View', Rivera claimed that Fox gradually phased him out from 'The Five' due to intensifying awkwardness with the anonymous colleague. Upon being informed by executives that his stint on the show was over, Rivera chose to resign from his correspondent role altogether. Self-proclaimed Moderate Republican, Rivera, voiced severe ideological differences with the conservative network.

Rivera joined Fox News post the notorious 9/11 terrorist attacks. His career-defining moment was the 2011 broadcast of Osama bin Laden's death, mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. He admits that he should have left the network then, in 2011, but lacked the nerve.

In the years following, Rivera watched Fox News evolve into a more radical platform, with diminished credibility and extremist narratives, culminating in a massive $787.5 million settlement with a voting technology firm over the 2020 electoral misinformation. He condemned the behavior of colleague Tucker Carlson, referring to him as a 'conspiracy-mongering primetime raconteur.'

Rivera censured Fox News for its post-election discourse and expressly stated that he wouldn't support Donald Trump, whom he referred to as the 'wayward President,' and Tucker Carlson, notorious for spreading election falsehoods. He highlighted his disappointment with Carlson's role in downplaying the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, vowing never to forgive him.