Proud Boys Leader Receives 17-Year Sentence for Role in Capitol Violence
By Lily Hackett
Far-right organization's leader, Joe Biggs, handed one of the longest sentences for his involvement in the Capitol rioting that disrupted the peaceful transition of power.
Hurricane Idalia Wreaks Havoc on Cedar Key, Florida
By Mia Taylor
A raging Hurricane Idalia wreaks unprecedented destruction on the serene artist haven of Cedar Key, Florida - turning it into a hazardous flood zone with no power.
France Intensifies Financial Fightback Against Food Inflation
By Olivia Weaving
Doubling price-capped products and threatening checks and sanctions, France’s financial chief picks up the baton in consumers' battle against surging food costs.
New Contract Gets Green Light Amid Shaky Voting Procedure
By Elliot Chen
School therapists ratify disputed contract in a second vote under criticisms of the procedure being undemocratic.
By Patricia Anderson
Amid health concerns and viral freezing incidents, Mitch McConnell is staunch in his commitment to serve as Republican leader.
By Leo Rodriguez
Tech stocks rally takes a hit as investors speculate on the longevity of high interest rates potentially cooling off the thriving tech market.
By Elliot Chen
Since 2020, nearly 44 million federal student loan borrowers have enjoyed a freeze on repayments, a respite that comes to a halt this October. Here’s what you need to know.
By Elliot Chen
Rising tensions over China's newly released map ignite territorial disputes with neighboring countries Philippines, Malaysia, and India.
By Patricia Anderson
The federal government is clashing with Big Pharma as Medicare negotiates drug prices for the first time, promising significant savings for patients after 2026.
By Elliot Chen
Google releases SynthID, a permanent, invisible watermark to identify AI-generated images and guard against misinformation.
By Hugo Mercer
Tips for handling blackouts and ensuring safety during power outages
San Francisco's Beleaguered Union Square Battles to Survive
By James Wilson
As once-thriving shopping and tourist hub, Union Square, witnesses a dilution, San Francisco's fight against economic downturn continues.
Ukraine's "Massive" Overnight Aerial Attack Hits Back at Russia
By Leo Rodriguez
Russia is subjected to its largest drone attack since the onset of the war with Ukraine, leading to disrupted air travel and the damage of several military aircraft.
US Firms Torn Between Business Interests and Risks in China
By Lily Hackett
US Commerce Secretary urges companies to stay committed to China, despite comments that the Asian nation is becoming “uninvestable”.
Dystopian Future? AI Boom Potentially Threatens 300 Million Jobs Worldwide
By Olivia Weaving
The upsurge of artificial intelligence investments may lead to approximately 300 million job losses globally. At the same time, some traders are profiting from this AI boom.