Ukraine's "Massive" Overnight Aerial Attack Hits Back at Russia

By Leo Rodriguez August 30, 2023

Russia is subjected to its largest drone attack since the onset of the war with Ukraine, leading to disrupted air travel and the damage of several military aircraft.

The Russian Federation witnessed an unprecedented increase in aerial activity in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine, receiving the heaviest drone assault since the beginning of the war. In almost simultaneously coordinated attacks, two individuals in the city of Kyiv became casualties of Russian bombardments that significantly escalated tension between the nations.

Numerous areas throughout Russia, including the capital, Moscow, found themselves under an attack the country was ill-prepared for, an early Wednesday awakening. In Pskov, a city situated not far from the Estonian border, reports indicate that transport planes have suffered damage as an airport became the main focus of drone strikes.

According to officials, the attack did not result in any casualties. However, the authorities claimed to successfully intercept almost all attempts at strikes. On the other end stand Kyiv officials who have reported a “massive” late-night bombardment inflicted by Russia. “Kyiv has not experienced such a powerful attack since spring,” quoted Serhii Popko, the head of the city’s Military Administration, sharing the news on Telegram.

As Popko explained, strings of drones were seen moving towards Kyiv from a variety of directions before a sequence of missiles was launched, aiming directly at the capital. Air defense forces in the city reported the destruction of over 20 “enemy targets.”

Unfortunately, not everyone was lucky enough to emerge unscathed from the overnight chaos. Official reports mention two fatalities, men just 26 and 36 years old, as well as three people suffering various degrees of injuries due to falling debris.

On a country-wide scale, Ukraine was able to neutralize 28 cruise missiles and successfully shoot down 15 out of 16 drones released overnight, according to the reports from Commander in Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

In a bold demonstration of determination, Ukraine has shown increasing courageousness in striking targets within Russia, despite enduring persistent attacks on its cities. This approach seems to enter a new phase of conflict dominated by Ukraine's apparent attempt to weaken Russian support for the war domestically.

As a consequence of these raids, the four international airports located in Moscow temporarily suspended all operations. Over ten passenger flights faced redirection, causing significant logistical problems. Later reports suggest operations have returned to normal, but the brief shutdown left lasting disruptions.

Governor Aleksandr Bogomaz of Bryansk, which borders Ukraine, said that defenses successfully warded off an attempted drone attack on a television tower. This came after the report from the governor of Russia's southwestern Bryansk region that Ukrainian forces targeted the village of Klimovo with rocket systems. Reports included an unspecified number of casualties.

The Russian city of Pskov, known for accommodating both civilian and military aircraft, witnessed late-night drone attacks on Tuesday. Mikhail Vedernikov, the region's governor, shared footage that showed a significant plume of smoke emerging from what appeared to be a residential area. Reports also mention that four Il-76 aircraft were damaged as a result of the drone attacks.

Whether on ground or in the air, the fighting shows few signs of slowing down. Ukraine has accelerated efforts to evacuate children from the frontline town of Kupiansk. Meanwhile, Ukraine progresses slowly but surely on the southern front, showing resilience despite harsh conditions. This unfolding conflict on multiple fronts could signify a strategic distraction attempt by each side, luring enemy forces away from key objectives.