Sony delays 'Beyond the Spider-Verse' & 'Ghostbusters' sequels due to strikes

By Hugo Mercer July 29, 2023

In response to writer and actor strikes, Sony Pictures has delayed various releases, most notably, the sequels of "Ghostbusters" and "Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse."

On Friday, Sony Pictures announced an impending shakeup in their release calendar. Striking writers and actors have compelled the studio into an unforeseen delay of several movie premieres. Headlining the list of delays are two films predicted to make their debut before the end of 2023. The NBC News report identified these as the sequel to "Ghostbusters" and a Marvel adaptation, "Kraven the Hunter."

The subsequent year, Sony explained, is also expected to witness some postponements. The most notable of these is the sequel to the much-anticipated "Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse," primed initially for a March 29 release.

The pending strike has thrown a wrench into Sony's proposed scheduling, with the actual dates of release now contingent on the strike's duration. It is worth noting that even films that have wrapped post-production, like "Gran Turismo," are experiencing the ripple effects of the strike.

"Gran Turismo," once set to unveil on August 11, is now deferred until August 23. A two-weekend sneak preview served as the lead-up to the revised announcement. This delay is a product of SAG-AFTRA stipulations prohibiting stars from engaging in promotional pursuits during strikes, despite the audience's ability to advocate for the films, as Sony consulted NBC News.

Parallel changes are also happening with other distinguished film distributors. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Searchlight Pictures, both owned by Amazon and Disney respectively, have reset their intended release dates. Both "Challengers" and "Poor Things"- a tennis romance with Zendaya and a science fantasy film featuring Emma Stone, respectively- are now slated for December instead of September.

Amidst these changes, Sony has proven unwavering, affirming their commitment to various highly anticipated films. This determination is evidenced by the announcement of the fourth "Bad Boys" sequel premiering on June 14, 2024, and "Venom 3," with Tom Hardy, set to open on July 12, 2024. The year's itinerary further highlights the screening of "Madame Web" in February, a revisited "Ghostbusters" sequel in March, "Kraven the Hunter" in August, and a refreshing take on the "Karate Kid" franchise in December.