Mom jailed for transporting newborns in milk crate

By Lily Hackett June 13, 2023

Indiana woman sentenced to one year in prison after being found guilty of child neglect for carrying two infants in a milk crate on her bicycle.

An Indiana woman, Blossum Kirby, has been sentenced to one year in prison for transporting two 2-month-old infants in a milk crate attached to her bicycle. Employees at a local pizza shop noticed the 36-year-old riding around Indianapolis with the unrestrained children in the crate, prompting the intervention of an onlooker who stalled her until the police arrived.

Witnesses reported that Kirby had difficulty staying awake and occasionally yelled while waiting for the authorities. When questioned, she allegedly explained that she lacked a car and saw no issue with her makeshift transportation method for the infants.

Kirby, who was also arrested for a probation violation related to auto theft, was found guilty of child neglect. Her sentence consists of a one-year incarceration, followed by a concurrent year of probation.

Upon investigation, the infants were found wearing only diapers, having sustained sunburn and minor injuries. The little girl had an abrasion on her left hand, while the boy had a wound on his groin and a severe rash. The Department of Child Services became involved in the case.