Thieves Steal $150 from Child's Upper West Side Lemonade Stand

By Olivia Weaving June 9, 2023

Two teenagers robbed 8-year-old Julian Lin's lemonade stand, stealing $150. The spirited entrepreneur remains undeterred, continuing his ventures with improved safety measures.

An 8-year-old entrepreneur's Upper West Side lemonade stand fell victim to thievery as two young men, roughly 18 years old, stole $150 in cash. The stand, situated on Columbus Ave. near W. 70th St., saw the culprits escape by scooters heading southbound.

Young Julian Lin, left disappointed but unharmed, is a well-known character in the neighborhood, dubbed 'Julian Business Man.' He regularly takes odd jobs and even operates a seasonal hot chocolate stand during winters.

Julian's enterprising approach is evident on his website, where he details helping his neighbors and managing multiple businesses. After the theft, many customers helped him recover by tipping more and paying through Venemo.

Going forward, Julian plans to take better precautionary measures for his earnings. He now trusts his instincts after noting the suspicious appearance of one perpetrator wearing a ski mask. As of now, no arrests have been made. NYPD Crime Stoppers is urging people with any information to contact them at (800) 577-TIPS. Calls will be confidential.